Book Reviews Submission Guidelines

Circus Arts, Life and Sciences is a global, peer reviewed, open-access, online journal facilitating a platform and forum for professionals exploring the world of Circus. Such investigation can be derived from a wide manner of research across the broad spectrum of Circus development. This may include, but is not limited to, the practice, performance, and research of the arts, life and science of Circus.

The Journal invites the submission of reviews (750 to 1,200 words) related to recent publications and/or translations in circus studies. Books from any academic discipline in which circus is the object of study are welcome. Reviews of earlier academic studies that have never been reviewed or have been so sparsely reviewed as to be under-utilized are also of interest. Submissions should not have been previously published, either in a journal format or online, should not be under consideration at any other journal, and should be presented as original and novel research of potential interest to the editor and readers of the journal.

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Reviews are to be submitted in standard word-processing format (MS Word documents / .doc files).

Manuscript pages should be double-spaced with consecutive page numbers and continuous line numbers. 

All submissions should conform to the most recent style guide of the Modern Language Association (the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook), which covers all matters related to manuscript preparation not covered by any additional CALS guidelines stated here. Authors must use in-text citations and provide a reference or Works Cited page at the end of the review. Authors are asked to kindly refrain from the use of endnotes or footnotes. All submissions may run a maximum of 1,200 words (not including the Works Cited).

Please do not structure your review as a chapter by chapter summary. Rather, introduce the book’s overall argument and note its components, including chapter titles. Then, focus your discussion on the chapter(s) of the book that are most provocative or illustrative of its contribution to the field. If you enjoyed the book, or thought the text was commendable, please communicate your views in a way that will entice others to read it. If you found the book lacking, please be constructive in your criticism. If you are reviewing an edited volume, try to touch briefly on as many of the chapters as possible.

Authors should include a short 50 to 100 word biography. 

Each submission should also include the author's or authors’ name(s), title, professional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number in the “Comments to Editor” field that appears during the submission process.

Video submissions are to be submitted in MPEG-4 (.mp4), Quicktime (.mov), or AVI (.avi).

  • Video files should not exceed 2 GB each
  • Resolution: 1280x720 (720p)
  • Framerate: 30 fps
  • Video birate: 1500 kbps, Audio birate: 125 kbps
  • Video codec: H264, Audio codec: AAC
  • Video transcripts: WebVTT format; timecodes should be provided in this format: 0:00:15.160 --> 0:00:18.480
  • Video length should not exceed 1 minute

Authors are required to provide alt-text for any images and videos published to increase the accessibility of their research. Please see the Guidelines for Describing Visual Resources, which describes the basic principles of alt-text and provides some examples. Regarding alt-text for videos, please see the comprehensive Audio/Video Guidelines document created by the Fulcrum team.


In submitting to CALS, the author or authors agree to license the work under the Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0), under which the author retains full copyright while allowing CALS and other noncommercial entities to print or repost the work, provided attribution is made. CALS, at its pleasure, may republish the work in forms such as anthologies, books, electronic formats, and other possible emerging technologies. All accepted material, including images or song lyrics, that does not conform to fair use policy must be accompanied by the appropriate letters of permission from rights holders prior to publication. In submitting to CALS, the author or authors warrant that a) he/she/they will not submit the contribution for possible publication elsewhere while under review; b) the submission is original material; and c) appropriate credit has been given to and permission has been granted from others when the work includes copyrighted material beyond standard fair use limits.

Open Access

All articles published in CALS are made available to the world free of charge as part of the open access movement. By submitting, authors agree to participate in this community by offering their article on the journal’s site.

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