Greater Bay Area Working Group on Circus, 8-9 December 2022

"San Francisco from the Marin Headlands" by Noah Friedlander, CC BY-SA 4.0

Registration for the first ever Greater Bay Area Working Group on Circus Gathering has exceeded our expectations. This event is a collaboration between Stanford University, the Montreal Working Group on Circus, Circus: Arts, Life and Sciences, Kinetic Arts Center, Club Fugazi, Circus Center and you! The goal is to create new exchanges between circademics (i.e. academics who study circus), circus artists, and the Greater Bay Area Community. Our Thursday events are ful, but you can still register for the following added event:

*New Event* on Friday, December 9th from 10AM-12PM at Kinetic Arts: “Bay Area Circus: Past, Present, and Future,” a panel moderated by Jeff Raz

*register for this added event here:

Schedule of Events

Thursday, December 8th 

Stanford University      


Keynote Address: “Building Circus Research Ecologies”

Louis Patrick Leroux, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


Session 1:

“Circus Studies at Stanford”

Adin Walker, Andrew Lee, Katherine Wang, Vince Pane, Sharon Wombu and moderated by Aleta Hayes, , Stanford University

"3D Motion Analysis of Straddle Inversions"

Stephen Hill and Stephanie Greenspan, Samuel Merritt University

“Passing Torches and Passing the Torch: Aging into Circus”

Doyle Ott, Sonoma State University


“Circus as a Vehicle for Equity and Justice”

Carlos Alexis Cruz, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Lulu and Zazel”

Adin Walker, Stanford University

“Circus: Arts, Life and Sciences — Creating an Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed and Interdisciplinary Journal for the Circus Arts”

Joe Culpepper, Stephanie Greenspan and Patrick Leroux


Lunch hosted by Stanford University


Break & Travel (participants are responsible for their own transportation)

Kinetic Arts Center 


Session 2:

“Prevalence of urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor-related symptoms in circus artists”

Emily Scherb, The Circus Doc

"A DocumenTree"

Michael Angelo, Rosemary Le, Zach "Zeej" Anderson

“Survey of Injury in Recreational Aerial Arts Students”      

Tera McBlaine, Monkey Aerial Arts


“Contemporary Magic: Pedagogy, Performance Vocabulary and Apparatus Design”

Joe Culpepper, National Circus School of Montreal (CRITAC)

“Injury Surveillance in the Circus Arts”

Stephanie Greenspan, Samuel Merritt University


Break & Travel (participants are responsible for their own transportation)

Club Fugazi 


Dear San Francisco performance by The 7 Fingers (ticket purchase required)

Friday, December 9th

*Added Event*

Kinetic Arts Center (785 7th Street, Oakland)



“Bay Area Circus: Past, Present, and Future”

Moderator: Jeff Raz

Participants: Tandy Beal, Judy Finelli, Wendy Parkman, Veronica Blair, Ori Doria-Quesada, Calvin Kai Ku, DeMarcello Funes, Aileen Moffitt, Sara Felder and Abigail Munn

*register here:

Circus Center 


Tour of the Circus Center led by Barry Kendall

Break for dinner (choose your own adventure)

7:30pm Circus Center

ALICE! A Holiday Circus Spectacular (this performance requires a ticket purchase)

For any questions, please contact the organizing committee: Joe Culpepper <>, Stephanie Greenspan <> and Adin Sidney Walker <>