Do Implicit Racial Biases Have Significant Discriminatory Effects?

  • Timothy Fuller (N/A)


This article investigates whether implicit racial biases have significant discriminatory effects. To this end, it evaluates meta-analyses of studies on measures of implicit bias and behavioral effects to which they are correlated. On balance, I maintain, the best interpretation of these meta-analyses and relevant surrounding research supports the conclusion that implicit racial biases are significantly correlated to racially biased behaviors, with effects that are consequential at both the individual and group levels. This conclusion is compatible with, but does not entail, the proposition that implicit racial biases in fact cause such effects. In consequence, I consider the contribution implicit bias research might make to our best accounts of racial discrimination and inequality on both a casual and non-causal construal. I argue it is plausible that research on implicit racial bias, on either construal, will play a substantive role in such accounts.

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Fuller, T., (2021) “Do Implicit Racial Biases Have Significant Discriminatory Effects?”, Ergo 8: 22. doi:

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Published on
13 Dec 2021
Peer Reviewed