Editor’s Gloss: Just Like Starting Over

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As we begin our terms as the new editors of the Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP), we have reflected on the title of our journal. In 1995, when the journal formed, there was much to discuss about what is meant by electronic publishing, how it can both benefit from the centuries of experience and insight gained from print publishing and also break from this tradition to do things faster, better, and cheaper. Now that nearly all publishing is electronic, we toyed with how the E in JEP might need to be changed: the journal of experimental publishing, the journal of equitable publishing, the journal of expensive publishing. Reading through the more than 20 years of archives, JEP reflects back to us the history of technology and the complicated and at times fraught relationship publishing has had with the revolutionary changes that we are living through. We see a sense of progression from early days of novelty and possibility to a present that seems more well understood but also not so rosy. There is also a sense that maybe the future of publishing is just as uncertain as it was when JEP began.

With this issue, we return to many of the themes and topics that JEP has engaged over the years, recast for our particular moment.

We have big plans and high hopes for keeping the tradition of JEP alive throughout our tenure as editors while also addressing some of the new issues and challenges faced by the publishing community today. In putting together this issue, we asked our contributors to frame their contributions around a set of questions we want to explore in coming issues:

We see JEP as a conversation—a place to share what we are learning, what is worrying us, and what excites us and to understand the role of publishing in the creation of a more just and equitable society. We welcome your comments and feedback at