The Fall 2021 Issue (40.1) Is Out!
Posted by TIA Editorial Team on 2021-09-21

The latest issue of To Improve the Academy (40.1) is out! Here's a sneak peek at the table of contents and you'll find all the details here.

What Really Matters for Instructors Implementing Inclusive Teaching Approaches by Tracie Marcella Addy, Philip M. Reeves, Derek Dube, and Khadijah A. Mitchell;

Longitudinal Impact of Faculty Participation in a Course Design Institute (CDI): Faculty Motivation and Perception of Expectancy, Value, and Cost by Cara Meixner, Melissa Altman, Megan Good, and Elizabeth Ben Ward

Place-Based Educational Development: What Center for Teaching and Learning Spaces Look Like (and Why That Matters) by Laura Cruz, Karen Huxtable-Jester, Brian Smentkowski, and Martin Springborg

Where Are the Students in Efforts for Inclusive Excellence? Two Approaches to Positioning Students as Critical Partners for Inclusive Pedagogical Practices by Alison Cook-Sather, Tracie Marcella Addy, Anna DeVault, and Nicole Litvitskiy

Cultivating an Institutional Culture That Values Teaching: Developing a Repository of Effective Practices by Lindsay Shaw, Jill Grose, Erika Kustra, Donna Ellis, and Paola Borin

Preparing the Next Generation of Institutional Leaders: Strategic Supports for Mid-Career Faculty by Vicki L. Baker and Caroline E. N. Manning

#iteachmsu: Centering an Educator Learning Community (ELC) by Erik Skogsberg, Makena Neal, Melissa McDaniels, Maddie Shellgren, and Patricia Stewart

Supporting Faculty as Writers and Teachers: An Integrative Approach to Educational Development by Jennifer Ahern-Dodson and Monique Dufour