Meet TIA’s Newest Associate Editors
Posted by TIA Editorial Team on 2021-08-24

To Improve the Academy is thrilled to announce our new associate editors: Derisa Grant and Dana Grossman Leeman. Derisa and Dana bring a wealth of experience, a strong commitment to racial equity and social justice, and tons of creativity. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Derisa Grant, Senior Academic Program Manager, Minerva Project 

I view equity as central to teaching, and view the work of educational development as supporting faculty to understand and meet the needs of all students, particularly minoritized students. As an associate editor of TIA, I am eager to work with authors from historically marginalized communities as they contribute to the scholarship on educational development. Scholarship holds the power to include and exclude, and I hope in this role to include the experiences, practices, knowledge, and voices of folks not often centered in our field. By welcoming and supporting authors from minoritized and marginalized backgrounds and institutions, I believe we will deepen our collective understanding of the practices and approaches that best serve all faculty and students.

Dana Grossman Leeman, Senior Associate Director, Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, Tufts University

My goal as an educational developer is to help faculty bring their most creative and compassionate selves forward into their teaching and classroom communities. When they seek our help, it is often from a place of vulnerability, and creating a trusting relationship predicated upon mutual respect is essential. I approach working with writers in the same way. Putting one's work out there is an emotional risk. We have the privilege of nurturing emerging voices and help them to become writers who make important contributions to the evolution of our profession that inspire and teach all of us. In all interactions with writers, I am respectful of their practice wisdom and mindful of their vulnerability, and approach this work as a caring mentor.