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The Undergraduate Journal of Public Health is a student run publication at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that works to increase students' awareness of and involvement in public health debates, highlighting local, national, and global public health issues through data- and practice-driven scholarship. ​

Volume 6 • 2022


Letter from the Editors

Maya Nassif and Madeline Cohen

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022


Addressing the Prevalence of Healthcare-Associated Infections in India

Chinmayi Balusu

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

A Social Model of Mental Illness: The Key to Liberating Incarcerated Women from Ineffective Mental Health Treatment

Madeleine Salem

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Schistosomiasis: A Review of Other Public Health Interventions

Kayla Vuoso

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Free At Last: An Introspective Guide into the Embedded Roots of Colonialism in the Current State of Healthcare in Ghana

Evelyn Boateng-Ade

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Independent Research

Developing a Black Student-Led Support Infrastructure at Wayne State University, a Predominantly White Institution

Kamali A. Clora, Miles N. Reuben and Kenya Swanson

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

A Case Study of the Barriers to Eradicating Polio in Nigeria and India’s Urban and Rural Settings

Emily Kopp, Noah Zimmerman, Ann Yu and Alexandra Pejas

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Effects of Social Determinants of Health on Infant Mortality in Washtenaw and Wayne County, Michigan

Alyssa Cadez-Martin, Barbara Tan, Sarah Fox, Niki Matusko and Samir Gadepalli

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Literature Review

The Impact of Climate Change on Black Girls’ and Women’s Health: Using Theory to Mitigate and Organize

Naomi Michelson

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

You are where you live: Food environment and obesity in Detroit

Kylie Scott

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Addressing Explanation of Benefits as a Barrier to PrEP for Adolescents in Public Health Entities

Evan Hall

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

“Model Minority” Mental Health: An Examination of the Barriers to Effective Care Among Young AAPIs

Cala Mae Renehan

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Special Section: COVID-19

Global Pandemics: The Manifestation of Societal and Economic Havoc

Teresa O'Keefe

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Limited Access to Healthcare: Examining Factors Leading to Higher COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death Rates Among Black Americans

Shichi Dhar

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

Review of Women’s Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Isabelle Fisher and Susie Baldwin

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Media Usage and Body Image Perceptions in Young Adults

Magda Wojtara

2022-04-29 Volume 6 • 2022