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The Undergraduate Journal of Public Health is a student run publication at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that works to increase students' awareness of and involvement in public health debates, highlighting local, national, and global public health issues through data- and practice-driven scholarship. ​

Volume 7 • 2023


Letter from the 2022-2023 Editors

Avery Tomaso and Geetanjali Rastogi

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Independent Research & Perspectives

Behind Walls: Mass Incarceration as an Oppressor of Reproductive Justice in the United States

Anna J. Ravzi

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Weighing Government Intervention during the Global Covid Health Crisis

Samantha Staudinger

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Literature Review

The Role of Doulas in Addressing Disparities, Barriers, and Potential Solutions to Navigating Reproductive Loss

Jon Musai, Noelle Shields, Lucy Zhang and Buu-Hac Nguyen

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

A Review of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention Strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease

Heather O'Donnell

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Dispelling Myths Regarding Cisgender Sexual Minority Women and Breast Cancer

Rachel Troy

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Stratified Post-Reproduction: An Analysis of Black Women’s Barriers to Postpartum Depression Treatment

Beatriz Leal Brockey

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Special Section: HIV/AIDS

Listening to the Voices of Gay and Bisexual Men and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in Kenya: Recommendations for Improved HIV Prevention Programming

Myla Lyons, Gary W. Harper, Laura Jadwin-Cakmak, Adrian Beyer and Susan M. Graham

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

Re-establishing HIV/STI Testing Services through University Student-Oriented Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Evan J.D. Hall

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023

The Unspoken Plight of HIV Gripping Asian/Pacific Islander Communities in America

Sharon E. Shaw

2023-06-15 Volume 7 • 2023