About this Journal

The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association is the most important periodical in the field of Lincoln studies. As a Lincoln biographer, I rely on it heavily for both ideas and information.

David Herbert Donald, Harvard University

The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association (JALA) is the only academic journal devoted exclusively to Lincoln scholarship. In addition to selected scholarly articles—on Lincoln in the popular media, for example, or British reactions to the War— the journal also features photographs and newly discovered Lincoln letters and documents.

JALA is the official journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association. The journal is published in print by the University of Illinois Press and is made freely available to read online by Michigan Publishing. Online issues are published six months after the print version.

JALA began with vol. 9 (1987) as the successor to the Papers of the Abraham Lincoln Association (ISSN 0195-914X), which was published in vols. 1 to 8 (1979 to 1986) and is also available on this site.

You can also search all ALA publications hosted at the University of Michigan Library.