Before Submitting

´╗┐´╗┐Janeway Instructions

Please note that this journal does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Before submitting a manuscript, you must submit a proposal and have that proposal approved by the editors. Proposal and manuscript guidelines are located here.

  • All files, including figures and tables, must be submitted in editable formats. 
  • All files must be deidentified to ensure the integrity of the double blind review process. Author names, institutions, and place names must be redacted. Names of community-based organizations must be redacted if they are location specific, even if the manuscript is not authored by a representative from the organization. In cases where the location or region is necessary to provide for clarity, please generalize as much as possible (e.g., "a large public university in the midwest United States"). When authors are citing their previous work, they should replace their name with "Author" only when directly referencing their involvement with previous publication (e.g., "In a previous study (Author, year), I examined...").
  • PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Word often saves author information, and this information may be visible to reviewers when they download the file from Janeway. To ensure a blind review process, use Microsoft Word's "inspect" feature to remove any author names from the file data. For more information on how to use this feature, visit Microsoft Word's help page
  • Email for questions or clarification about our submission guidelines.