The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning or MJCSL is an open-access journal focusing on research, theory, pedagogy, and other matters related to academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, and engaged/public scholarship in higher education. MJCSL is published by the University of Michigan's Edward Ginsberg Center, with support from Michigan Publishing.

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2022 Year-in-Review
Posted by Patricia Jewell on 2023-09-10

We are excited to share highlights and demographics from 2022 (Volume 28, Issues 1 & 2) to further transparency and offer insights into MJCSL’s ongoing endeavors to increase diversity within the field of community engaged scholarship. Top Viewed Articles From Last Year (2022):Critical Service-Learning Supports Social Justice and Civic Engagement Orientations in College Students by Jean [...]

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Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning Receives IARSCLE'S Publication of the Year Award
Posted by Jeremy Glover on 2023-03-16

In recognition of exemplary contributions through research on service-learning and community engagement, IARSLCE honors those whose research contributes significantly to understanding and advancing community engagement, across all approaches and all educational sectors. The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, published by the Edward Ginsberg Center, received IARSLCE's 2022 Publication [...]

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Our Mission

Widen the community of civic engagement educators, engaged scholars, and their community partners in order to expand the number of groups and individuals who experience the benefits that accrue through engaged scholarship.

Encourage research, theory, pedagogy in civic engagement, campus-community partnerships, curriculum-based and co-corricular service-learning and engaged/public scholarship.

Contribute to the growth of civic engagement and engaged/public scholarship in order to develop a civic tempter that inspires collective action to expand access and opportunity to political, economic and social power.

Honor and develop the intellectual vigor of students, staff, faculty and community partners.

Encourage interdisciplinary approaches to complex social issues.

Promote scholarly innovation that reflects and advances diversity, equity and inclusion.

Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

List of Reviewers

List of Reviewers

Patricia Jewell

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Introduction to the Special Volume on Civic Identity

Thomas Joseph Schnaubelt, Sandra Bass, Luke Terra and Kristina Lobo

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Educating Undergraduates for American Democracy: The Third Way Civics Approach

Trygve Throntveit, Anand R. Marri, Ronald Mahurin and David J. Roof

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Civic Learning Through a Lens of Racial Equity

Gene Alonzo Corbin, Christina Jean Santana, William Guedes Cortezia and John David Reiff

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Cultivating a Civic Identity using a Feminist Cohort Model: An Analysis of Tulane’s Newcomb Scholars Program

Aidan Smith, Ryan McBride, Anna Mahoney and Agnieszka Nance

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Defending Democracy: What We Can Learn About Civic Identity from Peer Educators Involved in Nonpartisan Political Engagement

Alexander Stephen Kappus

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

The Lens of Civic Identity: A Developmental Model for Undergraduate Education

Langdon J. Martin, Annie Jonas and Brooke Millsaps

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Becoming Entrepreneurs of Connection: How community partnerships shape engagement across difference and anti-poverty commitments

Laura Elizabeth Martin, Albert Benson Nylander and James Robert Love II

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

How College Students Can Depolarize: Evidence for Political Moderation Within Homogeneous Groups

Yasmeena Khan and Alice Siu

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Daniels, R., Shreve, G., & Spector, P. (2021). What Universities Owe Democracy. John Hopkins University Press.

James Roland

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Neighborhood Democracy Book Review

Joseph Krupczynski

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023


A Synechistic Conceptualization of Othering: Social Ontological Questions in Service Learning

Claudia Bernasconi and Libby Balter Blume

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023

Community Service and Undergraduates’ Social Capital Development

Krista M. Soria

2023-12-22 Volume 29 • Issue 2 • 2023