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A peer-reviewed, open-access journal that brings together philosophers of science and theoretically inclined biologists to interact across disciplinary boundaries. 

Volume 14 • 2022

Research Article

Extending the Explanatory Scope of Evolutionary Theory: The Origination of Historical Kinds in Biology and Culture

Günter P. Wagner and Gary Tomlinson

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022

Sex Contextualism

Sarah S. Richardson

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022

Laws of Ecology and Their Promise of Explanations

Viorel Pâslaru

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022

The Role of Starting Points to Order Investigation: Why and How to Enrich the Logic of Research Questions

William C. Bausman

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022

Special Issue

Host-Microbiota Co-immunity: An Intimate Relationship That Goes Beyond Protection

Thomas Bazin, Lynn Chiu and Thomas Pradeu

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022

Why the Evolution of Heritable Symbiosis Neither Enhances Nor Diminishes the Fitness of a Symbiont

Adrian Stencel

2022-01-25 Volume 14 • 2022