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Chasing Biodiversity Off the Scientific and Conservation Tracks

Donald S. Maier

2023-05-22 Volume 15 • 2023

Cooperative Breeding and the Evolutionary Origins of Shared Intentionality

Ronald J. Planer

2023-05-22 Volume 15 • 2023

Process-Sensitive Naming: Trait Descriptors and the Shifting Semantics of Plant (Data) Science

Sabina Leonelli

2022-10-22 Volume 14 • 2022

Ethical Publishing: How Do We Get There?

Fernando Racimo, Nicolas Galtier, Véronique De Herde, Noémie Aubert Bonn, Ben Phillips, Thomas Guillemaud and Denis Bourguet

2022-10-22 Volume 14 • 2022

Scientific Pluralism in Practice: Responses to Anomaly in the Sciences

Sophie Juliane Veigl

2022-06-02 Volume 14 • 2022

The Perils of Polysemy: Racial Realism in the Real World

John P. Jackson Jr.

2022-05-27 Volume 14 • 2022

Crick's Adaptor Hypothesis and the Discovery of Transfer RNA: Experiment Surpassing Theoretical Prediction

Michael Fry

2022-05-01 Volume 14 • 2022

When Virtues are Vices: 'Anti-Science' Epistemic Values in Environmental Politics

Daniel J. Hicks

2022-05-01 Volume 14 • 2022

Extending the Explanatory Scope of Evolutionary Theory: The Origination of Historical Kinds in Biology and Culture

Günter P. Wagner and Gary Tomlinson

2022-02-01 Volume 14 • 2022

Why the Evolution of Heritable Symbiosis Neither Enhances Nor Diminishes the Fitness of a Symbiont

Adrian Stencel

2022-02-01 Volume 14 • 2022