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Volume 19 • 2023


Curing the Vices of Gambling: Bilingual Manchu-Chinese Textbooks for Banner Education

Katja Pessl and Julia C. Schneider

2023-06-27 Volume 19 • 2023

Converting to Daoism in the Seventeenth Century: Investigating the Lived Religious Experience of Qing Bannermen from the Bilingual Temple Inscription “Stele of The Palace of Great Peace” (Taipinggong bei 太平宮碑) (1662)

Xiaojing Guan

2023-06-27 Volume 19 • 2023

Research Note

Manchu Words Referring to the Qing Emperor: han and ejen

Takahiro Onuma

2023-06-27 Volume 19 • 2023

Monggo Yamun and Tulergi Golo be Dasara Jurgan in Early Qing: The Lifanyuan in Manchu Archives and Russian Source Materials

Ning Chia

2023-06-27 Volume 19 • 2023

Book Review

Review of The Board of Rites and the Making of Qing China, by Macabe Keliher

Jaymin Kim

2023-06-27 Volume 19 • 2023