WeaveUX (@weaveux) is lucky to have some awesome Twitter followers. Their expertise and willingness to engage with ideas gave us the chance to try something new (and, while we’re at it, coin the term Tweetposium. Google it!).

Curious fool and WeaveUX Dialog Box editor Pete Coco (@pfcoco), ably assisted by Wheaton College Content Strategy Assistant Julie Bogen ‘14 (@jabogen-now of @refinery29) took to Twitter this past May with the intention of stirring the library UX pot. Three questions emerged:

  • What are the historical roots of human-computer interaction and its overlap and/or divergence from library science and/or librarian professional identity as it relates to “users” and “user-centered” service?

  • Related to the above or not, what are the challenges specific to library user experience?

  • Finally, what are some easy improvements to user experience that any library can make?

We got some great responses and the beginning to some very interesting answers.

WeaveUX Tweetposium on Storify

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