Announcing fall 2021 issue
Posted by Rebecca Blakiston on 2021-11-16

We're pleased to announce that volume 4, issue 2 is out!

In this issue, authors discuss how they're building empathy and understanding for segments of their audience in order to serve them better. We hope these examples inspire you to create evidence-based, data-informed personas to identify priorities and improvements to your own services.

Using UX Personas to Improve GIS and Data Services. Authors Taylor Hixson and Justin Parrot describe how their semi-structured interviews with researchers led to the development of personas, and how these informed the refinement of programming at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Incorporating User Testing into Learning Experience Design. Focusing on the student persona who is completing a tutorial or assignment, authors from Virginia Tech, Lisa Becksford and Kelsey Hammer, walk us through their mixed methods study evaluating learning objects, learning experiences, and print instructional materials.

Location-Based Trickery: Librarian Efforts to Provide Access to Unaffiliated Users. Focusing on the oft-overlooked unaffiliated persona, authors Elizabeth Stregger and Jaclyn McLean argue that systems and publisher policies are getting in the way of walk-in access. Speaking through the lens of Canadian universities, they encourage us to ask: how might we advocate for more equitable access to content?

These articles provide a helpful reminder: we are not our users. Let's continue to build understanding of who we're designing for and then let's test early, test often, and save time by focusing on what matters most to the people we serve.

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Happy reading!

The editorial team at Weave

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