Announcing the Fall 2022 Issue of Weave UX 🎉
Posted by Scott W. H. Young on 2022-10-31

The latest issue of Weave—Volume 5, Issue 2—is now available on our website:

We’re pleased to share the following articles in this issue:

Snippets, subject lines, and exclamation points: A case study in constructing better library emails, by Robin C. Davis, Mia Partlow, Dawn Pearce, and Silvia Sheffield

Email is a critical touchpoint in the library user experience. This article presents a UX research project aimed at better understanding and improving the automated messages that so many of our users receive. 

Power and Politics of User Experience: Implications of Different User Roles for Next-Gen Repository Services, by Ayla Stein Kenfield and Daniel G. Tracy

What are the unique needs of different user groups? The authors ask this key question in their examination of the design and functionality of institutional repositories. 

Ask and you shall receive?: A LibAnswers FAQ usability study, by Amanda VerMeulen and Stephanie Schoch

Our users commonly interact with us via FAQs—this study presents recommendations for improving FAQs, along with practitioner reflections on conducting usability studies. 

What’s the Big Deal? User Experience and Interlibrary Loan Following Cancellation of a Big Deal, by Karen Burton

The evolution of collection development has ramifications for library UX. When access models change, we can help provide a new mental model so that users understand they can still get what they need, when they need it.

Book Review: A Handbook of User Experience Research & Design in Libraries by Andy Priestner, by Meg McMahon

In this Dialog Box contribution, Meg McMahon details why this book from Andy Priestner is a must-own for any library professional interested in a framework that will make conducting UX research in libraries easier.

We wish to express gratitude to the authors for choosing Weave as the venue for sharing their work with our community. 

We also wish to thank our institutional sponsors—New York University and Northwestern University—for supporting the open access mission of Weave.

And we hope all of our readers enjoy this latest issue! 

The editorial team at Weave

Editor-in-chief: Scott W. H. Young

Scholarly editors: Camille Thomas, Berika Williams, Susan Montgomery, Denise Quintel

Dialog Box editor: Jean Thrift

Copyeditor: Jennie Callas