Announcing Weave UX's Spring 2023 Issue
Posted by Berika Williams on 2023-04-17

The latest issue of Weave—Volume 6, Issue 1—is now available on our website:


We’re pleased to share the following articles in this issue:


Centering Students with Disabilities: An Accessible User Experience Study of a Library Research Guide, by Lisa Bouffard Campbell and Brittany Kester

Library practitioners can use digital accessibility standards to inform and evaluate accessible design, but how can we ensure online learning objects, such as library research guides, are both accessible and usable for students with disabilities? 


First Generation Students' Experiences and Perceptions of an Academic Library's Physical Spaces by Teresa Schultz, Kim Anderson, Mary Martini Smith, Tati Mesfin, Heather Damonte, and Corinne Masegian

There remains a lack of literature looking at how first-generation students experience and feel about academic library spaces. The authors sought to fill this gap by conducting a mixed-methods research study at a large university.


Book Discussion: Library Signage and Wayfinding Design: Communicating Effectively with Your Users by Mark Aaron Polger, by Josh Boyer, Edward Joseph Luca, and Bhuva Narayan

In this Dialog Box contribution, the authors discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of further exploration of Polger's book on Library Signage and Wayfinding Design. 


We wish to express gratitude to the authors for choosing Weave as the venue for sharing their work with our community. 


Enjoy our latest issue! 


The editorial team at Weave


Editor-in-chief: Scott W. H. Young

Scholarly editors: Berika Williams, Susan Montgomery, Denise Quintel

Dialog Box editor: Jean Thrift

Copyeditor: Jennie Callas