Submission Guidelines

Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies welcomes proposals from potential guest editors for our annual issue.

Proposals should:

  • Detail your vision for the issue, including the proposed focus, why you see it as important to address this debate or theme now, and why Conversations is the right  venue for this collection.
  • Indicate which publication formats you envision in your issue (e.g. traditional essays, creative writing, “roundtable,” interviews,” photo or video essays, etc.), keeping in mind that Conversations currently is an online PDF publication, with a move to an online html platform foreseen in the future.
  • Identify who you see as the contributors, how many, and how they will be lined up (open call, curated invitations, etc.).
  • Discuss your previous experiences with editing or related activities that you will bring to the task of guest-editing.
  • If you plan to circulate a Call for Contributions, please include a draft of the call (350 word maximum).

Please email inquiries and proposals to the Conversations Editor, Rosemary Candelario, at

Guest editors:

  • Must fully and carefully copy-edit their issue.
  • Are responsible for submitting completed materials, including images and copyright permissions (for authors using photographs/illustrations) to the Editor who serves as an intermediary with the designer.

Typical Conversations Production Schedule:

  • Mid-January: Call for Contributions goes out, if applicable
  • February: proposals due to guest editors
  • March: Notification to contributors
  • May: submissions due to guest editor(s)
  • June: review comments from ed board and guest editor(s)
  • August: revised contributions due
  • September: copyediting, permissions as needed
  • October: issue published online

 Contributors will:

  • Submit their contributions in Word format, double spaced, no headers/footers
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. author-date citation system.
  • Submit photographs in digital form (best resolution possible, 300 dpi minimum).
  • Submit copyright forms for permission to use photographs/illustrations
  • Include image callouts in their text, as appropriate
  • Submit a short biography of maximum 100 words to accompany their contribution.

Please note that contributors published in Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies have the right to republish their own work in whole or in part after two years. The republication must be accompanied by the following acknowledgement: “This article was originally published in Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies, Vol. [number], [year].”

Letters to Editor/Talk-back Guidelines


Must include name, affiliation, email.


Length: 200-600 words.



-       The concern you are addressing (try to limit your letter to one point), and the article and Conversations number in which it was published;

-       Your stake in the matter;

-       The problems, supports, or the extended information you offer, based on factual evidence, regarding this matter as presented in Conversations;

-       Your position: the corrected, or fuller, situation, as you see it, or your viewpoint based on sources, experience, evidence, data, dates, facts….


Letters may not be published anonymously or under pen-names. How do you wish to sign your name (i.e., title, first name or initial, etc. -- as in, Dr. Jesse Smith; Dr. J. R. Smith; Jesse Smith, Ph.D.; etc.)?


Tone: Letters should address issues, evidence, and claims, not the people who wrote the article to which you are responding. Personal attacks on individuals will not be published. All letters are reviewed by the editor, sometimes in consultation with the editorial board, and will be published at the editor’s discretion.