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Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022


Editors' Gloss: A Bit of This, Some of That, and Maybe a Conversation Starter

David W. Lewis and Michael Roy

2022-12-09 Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the Academic and Open Access Publishing Environment: Considerations Towards Science-Friendly Scenarios

Markus Putnings

2022-12-09 Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022

FAIRifying a scholarly publishing service: Methodology based on the OpenEdition’s internal FAIR audit

Karla Avanço and Arnaud Gingold

2022-12-09 Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022

An Open Social Scholarship Path for the Humanities

Alyssa Arbuckle, Ray Siemens, Jon Bath, Constance Crompton, Laura Estill, Tanja Niemann, Jon Saklofske and Lynne Siemens

2022-12-09 Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022

Web of Science Book Citation Indices and the Representation of Book and Journal Article Citation in Disciplines with Notable Book Scholarship

Kim Quaile Hill and Patricia A. Hurley

2022-12-09 Volume 25 • Issue 2 • 2022