Editor’s Note

  • Brij Mohan (School of Social Work, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge)

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Published on
20 May 2022

Journalology heralds and helps advancements in a specified field for the benefit of its readers and other consumers. Although many journals address issues and aspects related to Social Development, only a few, if any, directly deal with this domain. Social Development Issues (SDI) has come of age despite many challenges, thanks to ICSD’s continued support to and interest in encouraging publications of much domestic and global significance.

We are pleased to present five articles authored by academics who have invested considerable time and resources to study and analyze certain facets of the human condition as a major concern from a socially relevant developmental standpoint. It’s my earnest hope that scholars in the field will enrich SDI’s three annual issues that bring varied problems to underscore and enhance Social Development as a veritable resource.

Brij Mohan

Editor, SDI


  1. Many reviewers have made a special effort to help me in the peer review process, which is both worthwhile and commendable. I would like to thank Drs. Marianna Colvin, Jao B. Ferreira-Pinto, Chatapuram Ramanatham, Vikas Kumar, Mark W. Lust, Nairuti Jani, Sonia Kapur, Prescilla Allen, Phillip Y. Hong, and Sharvari Karandikar for their invaluable assistance in this arduous yet essential process.