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Social Development Issues is a refereed journal of the International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD). It is published three times a year in February, July, and November. It serves as a scholarly forum linking multiple disciplines, nations, and cultures. The journal's purpose is to promote consideration of issues that affect social justice as well as the development and well-being of individuals and their communities. The journal is committed to the advancement of social, cultural, political, and economic theories including policy and practice (and their interrelationship) within a global context.

Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023


Editor’s Note

Brij Mohan

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023


Understanding Global Shifts, Social Welfare, and Development—Unevenness in a Globalized World

Jason Powell

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023

Perceived Preparedness of School Practitioners to Identify and Report Child Maltreatment

Zachary Pietrantoni, Jonathan Chitiyo, Argnue Chitiyo, Janet Quintero Peña and Karen Fernandez

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023

Exploring the Mental Health Correlates of Welfare Stigmatization, Violent Crime, and Property Crime

Kingsley U Chigbu

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023

Peer Mentoring: A Case Study in Developing Legislative Advocacy Skills among Social Work Students

Melinda L Lewis, Janet D Albury and Miu Ha Kwong

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023


President’s Welcome Address at the ICSD Africa Branch’s Inaugural Colloquium—When Crises Collide: Social Development Responses to Intersecting Crises in Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, 14–15 March 2023

Manohar Pawar

2023-06-30 Volume 45 • Issue 3 • 2023

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