Editor’s Note

  • Brij Mohan (Louisiana State University)

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Published on
07 Jun 2023

Journalogy, as a fledgling, quasi-infant science, seeks to promote scholarly publications. Production of knowledge and its professional dissemination is an avowed objective. A fair, timely, and impartial “peer review” is an essential part of the process. One of my challenges as the editor—of at least four journals, three of which I founded—has been to find enthusiastic, authentic, and proactive reviewers.

Many scholars enjoy the privilege of serving on Boards of Editors—no offense intended—without contributing much to the peer-review process. In a new “open-access” culture, commercialized and predatory publishing, academic journals ‘un-linked’ to organizational membership dues and institutional affiliations, tend to suffer.

Is there a better alternative to ‘peer-review’ that is fraught with human, cultural, and professional limitations?

We submit a few very good articles in this issue. Each paper has its own viewpoint, which should be helpful in enhancing readers’ quest for further study and analysis. I am deeply indebted to our reviewers, contributors and readers.

Brij Mohan

Editor, SDI