Volume 4, Issue 1 is out
Posted by Rebecca Blakiston on 2021-07-26

We're pleased to announce that after some delay, Weave volume 4, issue 1 is out! This spring issue is later than usual, but that's because we've launched our new publication platform and website using the open source Janeway product. There's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make this happen, and we hope you like it. 

In this issue, we focus on digital accessibility and incorporating design frameworks into library instruction and orientation.

Accessibility is critical, as we want our designs to work for as many people as possible:

How to Audit Your Library Website for WCAG 2.1 Compliance. Rachel Rayl reports on her team's accessibility audit, reviewing over 300 pages for compliance. She walks us through the steps in their process, which other libraries can adapt for their own audits. Especially helpful are the lessons learned.

PDF: The "P" Stands for Problematic. Authors from Towson discuss the accessibility problems with PDFs. Academia loves its PDFs, but there are many reasons to be cautious in their use and advocate for more accessible formats.

We want to improve the user experience across products, services, and spaces. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and design thinking are frameworks to help us get there:

Implementing Universal Design for Learning Elements in the Online Learning Materials of a First Year Required Course. At Washington State, they implemented UDL elements within their most popular LibGuide. Through usability testing and interviews with students, they discovered what elements provided the most value and asserted the importance of UDL for student success.

Minimal, Creative Coding and Playtesting: A Novice Design Thinking Approach to Gamifying the User Experience. Authors from Middle Tennessee State University share their work using a design thinking approach for a gamified library orientation. As "novices" themselves, they encourage all of us, no matter our skillsets or experience with UX, to reap the benefits of empathizing, prototyping, testing, and iterating.

We hope you enjoy.

The editorial team at Weave

Editor-in-chief: Rebecca Blakiston
Scholarly editors: Camille Thomas, Scott Young 
Dialog Box editor: Scarlet Galvan
Copyeditor: Jennie Callas


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