Announcing spring 2022 issue
Posted by Rebecca Blakiston on 2022-04-30

We're please to announce that Weave volume 5, issue 1 is out!

Getting Real Close: What a Diary Study Can Do For Your Library

by Barbara Heindl and Romy Hilbrich

Diary studies are a powerful technique that allow us to deepen our understanding of the authentic, day-to-day experiences of the people we serve. Soon before the pandemic, librarians at the Berlin State Library conducted a diary study to inform upcoming renovations. Their case study is full of tips about when and why it’s a helpful method, along with some fascinating findings around user needs and behaviors.

The authors also provide guidance for designing your own diary study, including what level of structure to consider, technology-supported vs. handwritten options, and what to prepare for in the data analysis phase.

The Tender Technicians" of Nielsen Norman Group Videos

by Jaci Wilkinson

In this important Dialog Box piece, the author critiques the lack of diversity in employees featured on Nielsen Norman Group’s videos and its impact on the field. The company’s choice to feature predominately young, normatively attractive, white or white-presenting women undercuts their standing as an authoritative resource in the field of user experience. The author provides alternative resources and invites you to share your own.