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The Journal of Muslim Mental Health is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal and publishes articles exploring social, cultural, medical, theological, historical, and psychological factors affecting the mental health of Muslims in the United States and globally. The journal publishes research and clinical material, including research articles, reviews, and reflections on clinical practice.

Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021

Original Article

Arab American Adolescents’ Responses to Perceived Discrimination: A Phenomenological Study

Danielle Balaghi, Evelyn Oka and Dorinda Carter Andrews

2021-12-15 Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021

The Relationship Between Stigma and Helping-Seeking Behaviors Among Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Immigrant (RASI) Populations Specifically of Muslim Origin

Rachel A. DiComo and Matthew Mychailyszyn

2021-12-15 Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021

From Interpersonal Violence to Institutionalized Discrimination: Documenting and Assessing the Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim American

Naheed Ahmed, Sandra C Quinn, Rupali J Limaye and Suleiman Khan

2021-12-15 Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021

Maternal Attachment and Cognitive Distortion of Muslim Adolescents in Juvenile Rehabilitation Residential Schools: Self-Regulation as Mediating Mechanism

Nor Sheereen Zulkefly, Athirah Yasmin Mohd Shakir, Rozumah Baharudin, Zarinah Arshat and Zanariah Ismail

2021-12-15 Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021

Psychological Constructs and Dysfunctional Eating in Pakistani University Students

Maryam Hussain

2021-12-15 Volume 15 • Issue 2 • 2021