Volume 6 • 2022

Case Report


Reducing Unnecessary Organ Discards: Utilizing Best Case/Worst Case to Improve Conversations Regarding ‘Increased Risk’ Kidney Donors with Patients

Amalia Elvira Gomez-Rexrode, Devon Cassidy, Alex Highet, Michael J Kirsch, Jessica Santos-Parker, Keli Santos-Parker, Ruth Bishop, Linda Camaj Deda, Craig Brown, Michael J Englesbe and Ryan Eton

2023-03-02 Volume 6 • 2022

Lessons Learned from the Allocation of Diagnostic Testing as a Scarce Resource in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanjana Prasad, Tiffany R Bellomo, Sandro Cinti, Janice Firn, Andrew G Shuman and Susan D Goold

2023-03-02 Volume 6 • 2022

Primary Research

Evaluation of a Virtual Sub-internship Experience for Senior Medical Students Applying to Otolaryngology During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Janice L Farlow, Emily J Marchiano, Andrew J Neevel, Jeffrey S Moyer, Marc C Thorne and Lauren A Bohm

2023-03-02 Volume 6 • 2022


On Losing Our First Patient

Adrienne Jarocki and Jeremy V Lynn

2023-03-02 Volume 6 • 2022

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