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Volume 5 • 2021

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Characterizing Autonomy Supportiveness in Diabetes Peer Health Coaches

Jacob Cedarbaum, Brianne Brown, Shayla Wilson, Rebecca Mase and Mary Ellen Michele Heisler

2021-11-18 Volume 5 • 2021

The Patient History Project: Medical Student Innovation in Improving Medical Care for Asylum Applicants

Jennifer Angell, Jack Buchanan, Thomas Rogers and Mary Ellen Michele Heisler

2021-11-18 Volume 5 • 2021

Patient Knowledge of Opioid Usage and Side Effects Prior to Surgery

Anthony Duncan, Mitchell Alameddine, Timothy Baerg, Nonie S. Arora, Hannah Cottrell, Shaina Sekhri, Alex Hallway, Ryan Howard and Jennifer Waljee

2021-11-18 Volume 5 • 2021