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Volume 7 • 2023

Case Report

Factors Influencing Underrepresented Minority Applicants’ Ranking of General Surgery Residency Programs

Rita R. Shehiriana, Caroline E. Richburg, Maya J. Smith, Sonia S. Iyengar, Jessica R. Santos-Parker, Grace F. Chao and Gifty Kwakye

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023


Tale of Two Journeys

Kateryna Strubchevska and Marko Kozyk

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023

A Missed Opportunity to Engage Students During a Crisis

Sarosh Irani, Samuel Klein, Keerthi Gondy, Marika Waselewski and Tammy Chang

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023

A Student’s Perspective: Medical Education on Caring for Patients of All Abilities

Maxwell Sievers, Bryan Aaron, Kate Panzer and Rachel Gottlieb

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023

Original Research

Introducing Mindfulness Practices to the Healer’s Art Course for Medical Students: A Feasibility Study

Kirin Saint, C. Kenzie Corbin, Michael F. Barton, Julie Barrett and Heather L. Burrows

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023

A Peristaltic Pump to Improve Bladder Emptying and Irrigation in Patients Who Use Clean Intermittent Catheterization

Arjun Rajan, Jason W. Lo, Likitha Nimmagadda, Emily R. Bozich, Jason Qu, Julian Wan and Bryan S. Sack

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023

Survey of Medical Student Debt Status, Financial Literacy, and Desires for Financial Education

Anderson Lee IV, Jamaal K Tarpeh, Emma C Manuel, Kristian M Black, Brennan McMichael, Jesse Wilson, Niki Matsuko, Michael J Englesbe, Brian Fallon and Gurjit Sandhu

2024-03-27 Volume 7 • 2023