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Marina Smitherman

Author, Editor, Reviewer

Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Dalton State College

United States


Marina Smitherman is Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Chair of the Department of Life Sciences, and Professor of Biology at Dalton State College. A member of POD since 2014, she has participated actively in POD conferences, and served as guest editor of a special issue of To Improve the Academy focused on teaching during times of crisis alongside serving on the Scholarship and Professional Development committees. With two decades of college teaching experience, Dr. Smitherman has specialized in Educational and Organizational Development with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; serving previously as Director of the Center for Academic Excellence leading High Impact Practice curricular innovations, and currently as Principal Investigator on a HHMI Inclusive Excellence 3 grant. Dr. Smitherman won the University System of Georgia Felton Jenkins Jr. Faculty Hall of Fame Teaching Excellence Award in 2020. She is a co-author of “Taking Flight: Making your Teaching and Learning Center Soar” published with Stylus in 2020.