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Before submitting a manuscript to TIA, we encourage you to review the author guidelines, familiarize yourself with TIA's review & publication process, and carefully review the information about ethical considerations. This information is intended to help you prepare strong manuscripts and possibly reduce the time for review and publication.

Things to do before submitting.

The following high-level checklist is designed to help you prepare your manuscript and to help you manage the submission process.

  1. Read the author guidelines, review & publication process, and ethical considerations carefully.
  2. Ensure your manuscript is attentive to TIA’s audience and educational development context and is well-situated within the current literature.
  3. Prepare your manuscript following the journal’s word count limits and style guidelines. IMPORTANT: All submissions consist of a Manuscript file and signed Author Agreement forms from each author. Details are outlined in author guidelines.
  4. If your manuscript includes data from human subjects, ensure you include information about IRB approval. Determine and report any conflicts of interests.
  5. Initiate the submission process.

We encourage you to reach out to TIA editors at any point if you have questions.

Ready to submit?

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Note: If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the Publisher is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to publish the work as part of To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development under a CC-BY-NC-ND license, and may act on behalf of the author(s) to make the work discoverable and accessible itself and via third-party indexes, catalogs, etc. There are no publication fees for To Improve the Academy.