The value of process in racial equity work: Reflections from a faculty learning community

Emily R. Shamash, Julie Berrett-Abebe, LaTasha Smith, Stephanie Storms, Michael Regan, Jocelyn Novella, Laurie L. Grupp, Emily Smith and Alyson Martin

2023-05-12 Volume 42 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Spring

Learning communities promote pedagogical metacognition in higher education faculty

Audrey J. Tocco, Lauren A. Mehrhoff, Haley M. Osborn, Lyda F. McCartin and Molly M. Jameson

2023-05-12 Volume 42 • Issue 1 • 2023 • Spring

How search committees assess teaching: Lessons for CTLs

Katharine Phelps Walsh, Laura Ochs Pottmeyer, Deborah Meizlish and Chad Hershock

2022-11-19 Volume 41 • Issue 2 • 2022 • Fall